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Used vehicles are a great, over-looked option for many

Used vehicles are a great, over-looked option for many

Sometimes being in the market for a new vehicle isn’t the best thing in the world. For example, if you’ve gotten into an accident, needed more parts replaced than the vehicle’s worth, or a variety of other examples. The thing to remember is that you have options.

Getting a brand-new car is great if you can afford it and it’s important to you, but getting a pre-owned, or new-to-you, vehicle is also a great option.

At Great West Chrysler, we have a wide variety of pre-owned vehicles that are looking for a new home.

A pre-owned vehicle is a great option because they are becoming more and more reliable. Not to mention vehicles are just being made better now days. And you don’t need to get a brand new car to have a well-made vehicle. Vehicles that are five years old are almost as reliable as brand new vehicles.

Another major reason to consider buying a used vehicle is the depreciation aspect of a new vehicle. As soon as you drive a car off the lot, it loses value. In fact, some vehicles lose almost 50 percent of their value within the first three years.

While there is some great technology out there today that is geared to keep drivers and passengers safe on the roads, a lot of this technology is new and perhaps hasn’t had the bugs worked out yet. An older model vehicle will most likely either have had any issues fixed, or won’t be faced with issues because it doesn’t contain the brand-new versions of features such as parking assistance or electronic stability control.

Not that new cars aren’t reliable and safe, but chances are there will be a little more knowledge surrounding the used vehicle.

Finding quality used cars Edmonton AB is even easier than you thought with our own financing department. Our experts will work with you and area bankers to get you the best deal around. We understand a vehicle is an important thing to have and we want to help in any way we can.