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Chrysler will reveal 2014 Dodge Challenger, Charger at NY Auto Show

Chrysler will reveal 2014 Dodge Challenger, Charger at NY Auto Show

2015 Dodge Charger Challenger release date

Although the 2015 Dodge Charger Challenger release date has not been set as far as when the vehicles will go on sale to the general public, there is word that the two popular Dodge models will make their first public appearance at the New York Auto Show on April 17.

There have been many rumors and theories as to what the vehicles will look like and what types of features they will include.

We do know one thing, though. These vehicles will remain fierce and fiercely competitive in the growing market of sports cars.

The front end of the 2015 Charger is likely to have been extensively re-done, with new, rounded headlights. These will be much different than the current headlights of the Charger, which look almost angry.

The Challenger will receive a new exterior and interior, and most importantly, a new powertrain that has helped the model coin the nickname “the Hellcat.” The engine is thought to produce as much as 640hp, and likely has an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Dodge released a glimpse of the 2015 Challenger with a leaked photo that showed the dashboard of the model with a Super Bee model. A redesigned dash likely indicates a redesign of the interior, which is what has been leaked as well.

The Dodge Charger debuted in 2008, and hasn’t been changed too much since 2011. Dodge promises a full-body redesign and a substantially different look. If you’re a fan of the 2014 Charger, you’ll probably be surprised, to say the least, with the new design.

Both vehicles have been extensively changed, meaning they will either do extremely well, or they will tank.

The New York Auto Show runs April 16 through April 27. Great West Chrysler will have the new models available as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can check out the 2014 Charger and the 2014 Challenger!