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Here’s the one cheap thing you should replace before summer

Here’s the one cheap thing you should replace before summer

How to change windshield wipers

Winter wreaks havoc on vehicles. No matter the year, make or model. It just does. Especially an Edmonton winter, where you can never really know what to expect.

After a rough, LONG winter, there are many changes you can and should make to your vehicle and driving habits. For example, you should probably check your brake pads for wear, your engine for corrosion or water damage and your tires for tread. It’s also important to watch for bikers and more people walking around as the weather warms.

However, one thing that is often put aside the longest is windshield wipers. Many forget to replace these because they either don’t think about it or think they won’t need to because they’re used less in the warmer months.

Here’s the crazy truth though: windshield wipers are just as important in summer as they are in winter. And compared to any other vehicle update or repair, they’re one of the cheapest and easiest things to replace.

The first step in how to change windshield wipers is to figure out which kind you need. You can do this by looking up the make and model of your vehicle at the auto store (they often have books around that have correlating sizes of windshield wipers for types of vehicles), or to measure your current windshield wipers. Most likely, they will be two different sizes. This is normal.

The next step, after purchasing the new wiper blades, is to take off the old ones. To do this, you can raise the metal bar that holds the actual wiper blade and the blade should just unhook. Take the old wiper blade off and either throw it out or find a way to recycle it.

The next step is putting your new wiper blades on the metal bar. Make sure the wiper blade is facing the right way, with the squeegee portion facing the windshield. The new wiper blade should hook on the metal arm similar to how you took the old blade off. It should fit in gently and you will most likely hear a snap or click. Repeat with the second blade.

After that, test them out and admire your handy work! Or, if you need help or don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own, stop by our service department! We’d be more than happy to help.