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What to bring to the Indy 500

What to bring to the Indy 500

What to bring to the Indy 500

If you’re heading to the Indy 500, we’re jealous. As car enthusiasts, one of the most exciting things to see is cars going fast. And boy does the Indy 500 fulfill that desire.

The Indy 500 takes place in Indianapolis Motor Speedway near Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Memorial Day Weekend event takes place this year on Sunday, May 25.

Racing fanatics often make their way to the motor speedway well before the races start to engage in some pre-match jousting, drinking and eating. When packing for the big event, you may be wondering what to bring to the Indy 500? We came up with a race-day list that will hopefully help you and your friends enjoy the day even more.

What to bring to the Indy 500:

Race tickets and parking passes- you won’t get in anywhere without these.

Cell phone- in case you get separated from your group.

Cash- many of the food stands don’t take credit cards and while there are cash machines, they are rare and often crowded.

Snacks or other food- sometimes those food stands are just too expensive

Bottles of water, drinks, etc.- keep yourself hydrated.

Seating- whether it’s an old couch cushion, a blanket or a special race-day seating cushion, you’ll be happy you brought something to sit on.

Binoculars- for seeing cars farther down the stretch.

Sunglasses, sunscreen, an umbrella and hat- you never know the weather and it’s important to be prepared for all situations.

Coolers- coolers are allowed but will be searched and will only be allowed in the track if they do not exceed 35 cm by 35 cm by 45 cm.

Small towel- for drying places if it rains, for wiping sweat if it’s hot or wiping your hands if they get dirty.

Aspirin, antacid, etc.- for obvious reasons.