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Taking a road trip this summer may be the perfect way to get away

Taking a road trip this summer may be the perfect way to get away

Canadian road trip destinations

Summer is a great time to spend time outdoors, obviously, because the sun is out, the water is warm and there are more hours in a day. One popular way to spend the summer, as well as spend time with friends and family and see the world, is by taking a road trip. There are a variety of Canadian road trip destinations that are known for their fun, festive cultures and for bring the whole group together.

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Even if you’re from Vancouver, there are guaranteed places you haven’t visited. If you’re not from Vancouver, you’ve got to hit the popular destinations such as Stanley Park, Granville Island, the Vancouver Aquarium and of course, the Seawall in Vancouver. If you’re from Vancouver, sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to see your community in a new light

Lake Louise

Lake Louise in Alberta is a great road trip destination in the summer because of the fresh air and amazing scenery. Not only are you ending up at a beautiful, clean lake, but there are a variety of hiking and skiing trails surrounding the lake. Lake Louise is an ultimate outdoor enthusiast’s oasis.

Cabot Trail

Take a trip to Nova Scotia and explore the beauty of the Cabot Trail. This is a stretch of road located on Cape Brenton Island, and runs around the northern section of the island using the beautiful Cape Brenton Highland as a backdrop. Those traveling on the Cabot Trail can expect to see the rigid Canadian coastline, the brisk ocean and the Margaree River valley.


All of the foodies out there can consider this trip a necessity. Kelowna is the third largest metropolitan area in British Columbia and is home to multiple beaches, parks, restaurants and stores on the waterfront and Bernard Avenue. Central, midtown and downtown are all great tourist destinations, but if you’re looking for something a little less mainstream, road-trippers can expect to find solace in Western Kelowna near the lake.