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Don’t get stuck locked out of your vehicle

Don’t get stuck locked out of your vehicle

How to get into a locked vehicle

While we understand this post may on its surface seem like we’re promoting grand theft auto, we’re really not. We understand that sometimes unexpected occurrences take place, like locking yourself out of your vehicle. (We just hope it’s not running!)

More and more vehicles are becoming technologically advanced to the point where this type of incident is easily avoidable, for example, by offering doors that don’t lock unless the key is outside of the vehicle, but we understand that not everyone has caught up with these advanced features quite yet.

For those reasons, we thought it’d be helpful to come up with a few tips on how to get into a locked vehicle. To reiterate, we don’t promote or condone auto theft, these tips are simply for someone who has locked him or herself out of their vehicle.

1. If you have the option, purchase a tool called a Slim Jim, which is a long  piece of flexible metal that has a hook at the end to pull the lock into an unlocked position designed specifically for this type of situation. If you have a newer vehicle, however, this device may not work as auto manufacturers know many thieves utilize these tools. In this instance, call your insurance company, or a nearby auto shop to assist.

2. If you do not have the option to get a Slim Jim, a piece of thick wire, such as a clothes hanger or an umbrella prong will do.

3. Bend the wire as straight as possible and make a small hook at the end of the door if you’re planning on pulling on the inside door handle, or pushing an electric unlock button.

4. Make a small half-circle on the other end of the thick piece of wire to fit around a vertical lock/unlock piece.

5. Pry the door open ever so slightly with a piece of rubber, such as a door stopper or inflatable car wedge, where the door meets the jamb. Rubber is important to use when prying because it won’t scratch the vehicle. Only pry enough to get the piece of wire you bent through the opening, and leave the wedge inserted until you have the vehicle unlocked.

6. Guide the wire through the space between the door and the door jamb and unlock your locks. If you’re attempting to pull up on a lock, go through the top of the window. For vertical locks, put the hooked end of the wire over the lock and pull up until the car unlocks.