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Beginning May 2018, all vehicles are required to have a backup camera

Beginning May 2018, all vehicles are required to have a backup camera

Why are backup cameras important

Rear view backup cameras began only as a cool feature in some highly-advanced vehicles, but with the increase in unfortunate, avoidable, and sometimes fatal accidents that involve the reversing a vehicle, critics of the rear view camera have taken note of its importance.

Why are backup cameras important, you ask? Imagine going out on a warm Sunday afternoon to go pick up a few groceries for the week. While you’re reversing, you switch your gaze to the front of the vehicle, rather than what’s behind you, to make sure you’re clear on the front end.

What you didn’t realize is that immediately behind your vehicle was a small child who stopped to get their kickball. Unfortunately this situation is all too common, and rear view backup cameras are an easy fix to this avoidable tragedy.

These days, you can simply command your vehicle to make a phone call or send a text in an honorable attempt to have fewer distractions when it comes to driving. The rear view backup camera is just a natural progression of technology mixing with the auto industry.

When the SUV came into play is unfortunately when there was a huge spike in fatalities due to a vehicle backing up. Because these vehicles are taller and rear view mirrors can’t see below the bottom of the back window, it’s easy for something or someone to slip behind the vehicle unnoticed. The rear view backup camera acts as an extra set of eyes when you need it most.

At Great West Chrysler, we’d be happy to install a rear view backup camera in any vehicle possible to prevent any unfortunate accidents. We also have a variety of vehicles on our lot and in our online inventory that come with a rear view backup camera already installed.

We recognize that everyone is human, and blind spots occur all around the body of your vehicle. Why not take easy precautions such as installing a rear view backup camera if you can?