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How will you celebrate Canadian Forces Day?

How will you celebrate Canadian Forces Day?

When is Canadian Forces Day 2014

The history of Canada is rich and deep. Not only are we a country of talented men and women, we are a unified country proud of its history and heritage. We are also ever grateful to those who protect our freedoms daily, specifically those in the Canadian Forces.

Each year at the beginning of June, we take a day to celebrate those men and women who have fought hard to keep our freedoms and country’s independence. The Canadian Armed Forces are made up of army, navy and air force troops who, day in and day out, protect Canada, defend North America and contribute to national peace and security.

For those wondering when is Canadian Forces Day 2014, it is June 1. The celebration always takes place the first Sunday of June. In order to truly appreciate and celebrate the holiday, it’s important to know the history of the Forces and understand what they do.

The Canadian Armed Forces as we know it today was actually formed as recently as 1968, when the Canadian Navy, Army and Air Force all came together into one unit. Today, the Canadian Forces not only defend our nation here at home, but troops have been sent abroad to places such as Afghanistan.

Queen Elizabeth II oversees all of the Canadian Forces as the Commander-in-Chief. Under her is the Chief of Defense Staff, who oversees commanders of each unit, including the Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Operations.

These men and women day in and day out risk their lives to afford us the freedoms we have now and to protect our loved ones both inside Canada and abroad.

In total, the Canadian Forces is made up of more than 30,000 full-time men and women. There are also Reserve airmen and airwomen, Reserve Army women and men Canadian Rangers, and part-time sailors.

All in all, we will take a day next month to give these people the recognition and respect they deserve. From all of us at Great West Chrysler, please accept our sincerest thanks for everything you do.