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The U.S. will be watching soccer during the World Cup, while the rest of us will be watching football

The U.S. will be watching soccer during the World Cup, while the rest of us will be watching football

Why do Americans call football soccer

It seems as though America is different from the rest of the world in so many ways. They use their own measurement system, rather than the metric system, they use miles per gallon rather than liters per kilometer, and they even call football soccer.

Why do Americans call football soccer, you ask? Well we were wondering the same thing.

It turns out it’s not as random as you may think.

Both rules and plays of the traditional version of football (soccer) and American football come from the Association Football.

Well, American football took off in the U.S., as you probably know by now, and became one of the most widely-known, played and watched sports in the country. Much more popular than what Americans call soccer.

After American football’s popularity skyrocketed, the “Association” was dropped from Association Football, and it was just called Football. Athletes and others in America needed another name for the game of traditional football, and came up with the term soccer. There is also the story that the word Association Football was broken down to become the slang term soccer and from there the word took off.

It was often the lower-class British that used the term soccer, but around the world, if you say soccer, most people will generally know to what you’re referring.

You’ll note that it is still called soccer in Canada by some, but depending on where you travel in Canada, it’s called football.

The game was invented in the late 1800s in England. The Current U.S. Soccer Federation was founded in 1913, but didn’t actually use the word soccer until 1945. Up until that time, it was called the United States of America Football Association.

Here at Great West Chrysler, we love both versions of the word, as it’s the same sport and we’re so excited for the 2014 World Cup to start!