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Where to see fireworks this Canada Day

Where to see fireworks this Canada Day

2014 Canada Day firework shows in Edmonton

Canada is arguably the best country in the world, in our humble opinion. We’re home to Ryan Gosling, hockey, the WonderBra, Trivial Pursuit and the odometer. There are few things that are greater than Canada, and we’re set to prove it this Canada Day.

Canada Day is a celebration each year on July 1 that commemorates the day that Canada became its own country from the British and joined three colonies to create one of the largest countries in North America. Canada Day is full of fun festivities, carnivals, live music, games, food and even fireworks.

Many people in Canada, especially Edmonton, like to end the Canada Day celebrations by setting off their own fireworks or going to see a professional show. There are a variety of places you can see 2014 Canada Day firework shows in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Edmonton will likely have its own show after the day-long festivities.

Specifics have not yet been confirmed or announced, but every year, Edmonton has a giant Canada Day celebration that takes place throughout the city and includes area businesses and activities as well.

For example, the Edmonton Zoo will be having a variety of activities going on that day, as well as the Elk Island National Park. At Elk Island National Park, there will be live music, food, activities and much more. You can watch the fireworks from the park’s lovely landscape at the end of the day.

Artsy folks will also be able to take place at another Canada Day celebration at the Muttart Conservatory. The Muttart will be celebrating the country’s 147th birthday with crafts, face painting, food and fun.

As always, we hope you have a safe and fun Canada Day and please stop by to share your stories and photos! We’d LOVE to see what you were up to on this wonderful day.