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Teach your teen to drive with little fallout

Teach your teen to drive with little fallout

Driver education classes Edmonton AB

We all remember that first time we were able to get behind the wheel of a car on our own, able to do and go wherever we wanted with no limitations (well, besides gas and money). That was a glorious and freeing feeling that many Edmonton teens learn when they turn 15-year-old or 16-years-old.

While it may be a harrowing idea for your own teen to be driving (they’re just your little baby after all), it will likely happen at some point in their lives. It’s best for them to learn how to drive from a pro like yourself. We’ve got some great vehicles in stock that make for wonderful first cars. We also have some other vehicle in stock for when they are a little more experienced of a driver.

Finding driver education classes Edmonton AB is the first step to helping your teen prepare to learn to drive. Sure, you can still take them out and teach them the real-life things they won’t learn in a classroom or with an instructor, but enrolling them in a driver education class will not only alleviate the pressure from you to teach them everything, but also will help them pass their driving exam.

In order to obtain a driver’s license in Edmonton AB, you need to first of all be an Edmonton resident. According to the Province of Alberta website, you must also be 18-years-old in order to get your Edmonton driver’s license and drive alone.

Prior to that, you can obtain your learner’s permit at age 14, which can only be used when a driver who is not on probation and older than 18 is in the vehicle. Your probationary driver’s license can be obtained at age 16, so long as the driver has had the learner’s permit for at least one year. This license allows the teen to drive without a fully licensed adult in the vehicle, but has restrictions such as a zero-alcohol level and this person cannot count as a driver accompanying someone with a learner’s permit. You must take a road test to obtain this type of license.

The final stage of the driving experience is a non-probationary driver’s license. This type of license can be obtained after having your probationary driver’s license for two years without suspension. An advanced road test must be completed to obtain this type of license.