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Pump up the 2014 Dodge Challenger with accessories

Pump up the 2014 Dodge Challenger with accessories

2014 Dodge Challenger accessories

After getting your new or new-to-you vehicle, and after showing it off to all of your friends, it’s time to get serious about one thing: accessorizing. That can include anything from getting a steering wheel cover to new floormats to an amped up sound system.

There are a variety of venues where you can purchase or acquire these types of upgraded accessories, but we want you to know that at Great West Chrysler, we also sell a variety of accessories for any new or used vehicle and would be happy to install it too!

Some of the most popular 2014 Dodge Challenger accessories are our AM/FM Navigation system with a geographic database CD that is mapped for Canada and the United States, as well as an amplifier for the outstanding sound system and UConnect, Dodge’s elite system that allows the driver to make phone calls and send texts without lifting a finger.

While those are some of the most popular accessories we see being installed by our top-notch service department for the 2014 Dodge Challenger, there are a variety of other accessories we offer and see chosen each and every day.

Accessories also come in handy for those people who want just a few of the features in the next upgraded package, but don’t necessarily want the fully upgraded trim or want to pay for the fully upgraded trim. For example, the 2014 Dodge Challenger comes in nine different models, and depending on what you want or need your vehicle to include, you may or may not choose a certain model. But, if you want, say a sunroof, that can be added as an accessory.

It’s just another way of allowing us to give you everything you want and need in your next vehicle. Don’t think all of the accessories have to be expensive, either. We offer accessories that are much less expensive than others such as cargo totes, new or additional speakers, vehicle covers, floor mat cleaner, battery chargers and so much more. Check out our full line of accessories on our website, and of course, always feel free to contact us with questions. It’s never too late to add on a few new features.