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Is a rotary shifter actually safe?

Is a rotary shifter actually safe?

How does a rotary shifter work

With the release of a number of 2015 model year vehicles, we’ve noticed a common theme: advanced technology and streamlined changes. For example, a number of vehicles are including a rearview backup camera as a standard feature, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and a new streamlined exterior. Fuel economy has also been a huge change in new vehicles with the focus turning to efficiency.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, however, there are quite a few things that factor into getting the most bang for your buck. One of them it the type of engine. Another is the type of transmission. Surprisingly enough, these two facets play a role in the type of fuel economy your vehicle will get, and a new feature being added to many 2015 models is a rotary shifter, rather than a traditional paddle shifter.

There have been many questions about the recent release of rotary shifters, include how does a rotary shifter work and is a rotary shifter actually safe. One of our favorite models that includes a rotary shifter is the 2014 Dodge Durango.

A rotary shifter is a new feature that isn’t seen in too many vehicles yet. The rotary shifter is unique in that it helps the driver maintain exact control over transmission. A rotary shifter is one you literally turn to shift the car from park to reverse, neutral or drive, rather than the traditional paddle shifter, which you push or pull to put the car into a different mode.

Fans of the rotary shifter like it for its ease and its compact size. It takes up a lot less room in a vehicle, making more room for cargo, storage or other fun features. It may be difficult for some to get used to turning the vehicle into park or driver, rather than shifting, but it’s a welcome change and we’re happy to see something new. The rotary shifter works well and holds up when it comes to functionality. Some users have expressed concern about the ease of turning the shifter into a different mode, but that is unlikely to happen because it sticks within the modes and you hear a click when it switches modes. Try out a rotary shifter today on one of our great vehicles and tell us what you think! Already have a rotary shifter? What have been your experiences? We’d love to hear from you!