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Chrysler nailed it with the UConnect system

Chrysler nailed it with the UConnect system

What is the best infotainment system

One of the great things about advancing technology is the fact that it’s everywhere. Whether you’re out on a run or going for a scenic, countryside drive, or even in a movie theater, there’s the ability to be connected. Always. While some have mixed opinions about that sentiment, there is no doubt that there has been some good that has come from being completely connected.

For example, now if you’re in a crash, you can easily call the police with a cell phone. Or say you’re lost on your way to a new city. Just turn on your GPS to find the directions again.

What’s even cooler is that now you can even get all of this information from your car. Most new vehicles now have the option to include an infotainment system, which is basically a bunch of advanced technology all rolled into one screen and system in the center stack of your vehicle. Now comes the hard question.

Will a certain infotainment system dictate what make of vehicle you will get? For example, what if you really like one certain model but have heard another manufacturer’s infotainment system is better? You’ve probably even asked what is the best infotainment system to car dealers before and have never gotten a straight answer. Well, we wouldn’t be in the business of selling Chrysler vehicles if they weren’t our favorite, so we’d have to say that we think the UConnect system, Chrysler’s infotainment system, is the best.

Not only is UConnect easy to use and figure out (even for those who consider themselves technologically illiterate), it has so many amazing features it’s almost unbelievable.

UConnect is also compatible with many different smartphones or multimedia devices so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your cell phone or music player will work.

Another reason we love UConnect is because it’s easy to maintain and if something were ever to happen to it, the experts at Great West Chrysler would be more than happy to use their service training to do whatever they can to fix the problem.

For more info on Chrysler’s UConnect system, feel free to stop by and talk with our service department today! Even if you already have a vehicle, the UConnect system may still be able to be installed.