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Step on it! But make sure you’ve got the right brakes first.

Step on it! But make sure you’ve got the right brakes first.

When do I need to change my brake pads

Speed and power are two of the most valued aspects of a vehicle. The thing many Edmonton drivers don’t think about, however, when purchasing a new vehicle is stopping power. Brakes are the most critical element of your vehicle coming to a stop after reaching top speeds in your new-to-you vehicle, and often times people don’t think about their brakes until there’s something wrong.

Braking is an essential function of each and every vehicle, and as such, it’s just as important (if not more) to frequently monitor your brakes for condition and functionality as it is your engine or other critical aspects of your vehicle.

Obviously there are some clear warning signs to help you know when do I need to change my brake pads, such as your brake light coming on on your vehicle’s dashboard, but also if you feel like your vehicle is taking longer to come to a complete stop then it should or it has in the past.

Both of these situations are indications that you should take your vehicle into your local Edmonton dealership ASAP. In fact, at Great West Chrysler, we’ve got a number of trained service technicians on-hand who have experience and are trained to work with a variety of makes and models. (We may even have a special going on!)

The two situations above are two of the most common experiences vehicle owners in Edmonton have when it comes to needing new brakes.

However, there are a few more warning signs that you may want to take your vehicle in to be serviced. Those examples include whenever you step on the brakes, you feel grinding gears, which likely means your brake pads are worn out. These are pieces that squeeze on the brakes to assist your vehicle in coming to a complete stop. If these pieces are worn out, the brakes will become less effective at slowing and stopping your vehicle.

If you notice anything with your brakes that doesn’t seem normal or you’d just like a check up, please bring it in to our expert service techs! We’d love to see what we can do.