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Don’t touch my Dart commercial highlights fun side of Dodge

Don’t touch my Dart commercial highlights fun side of Dodge

Don’t touch my Dart

When you get a new car, it’s almost like adding a new member to your family. You don’t trust anyone to drive it, yet alone anyone to touch it’s new shiny exterior and perfectly sculpted interior. That’s how we feel about the 2014 Dodge Dart and we’re not the only ones. Craig Robinson, the star of the Dodge Dart commercials, will not let his friend and neighbor, Jake Johnson touch his Dart. He’s stubborn and you should be too! If anyone tries to get close, you just gotten shout, don’t touch my Dart!

In the commercials the two actors play themselves as Jake Johnson persistently tried to get near Robinson’s Dart. It’s easy to see why Johnson wants to experience the Dart for himself, but we would encourage people to just buy the Dart for themselves. Even if you do get to touch or drive it, there’s nothing better than owning one. The new Dodge Dart is a spacious, tech savvy and powerful sedan. It’s affordable and makes for a fun ride.

One of the most impressive features, that is highlighted in one of the commercials, is the audio-entertainment interface that is both stylish and functional. Shoppers can choose just how fancy and high tech they want to get. We recommend the 8.4-inch touch screen infotainment interface. It has straightforward menus, large on-screen buttons and a knob to help navigate through iPod menus. Even the voice control works better than most interfaces. If you want to get a Dart, this feature is a must.

To get your own Dodge Dart, head over to Great West Chrysler! Our team looks forward to helping you schedule a test drive. Don’t worry, we’ll let you touch our selection of Dodge Darts. We want you to be the envy of your neighbors, so stop in or call today!