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2014 Ram 2500 wins best heavy duty pickup truck in Canada

2014 Ram 2500 wins best heavy duty pickup truck in Canada

2014 Ram 2500 Edmonton AB

All of you heavy duty pickup truck owners know what it’s like to have the right tools to do the job. You’re often one step ahead of your friends and family who do not have a heavy duty pickup truck and they’re often asking you for help or to use your vehicle. Well, here’s just another reason to tell them to get their own 2014 Ram 2500 Edmonton AB: The Ram 2500 Heavy Duty pickup truck was named best-in-class for its value in the full-size ¾-ton heavy duty pickup truck segment by Vincentric.

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard of Vincentric, it’s a highly-thought-of company with at least 10 years of experience analyzing data from the automotive industry. This is the third year the company has given out “Best Value in Canada” awards, and each year it is one of the most highly-coveted awards.

The 2014 Ram 2500 Edmonton AB pickup truck won the Vincentric Best Value in Canada award because of its affordable price, low insurance and repair costs, great fuel consumption, ease of maintenance and low depreciation value, according to a press release from Chrysler Canada.

We’ve always known the 2014 Ram 2500 Edmonton AB is a great vehicle, but we’re glad it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. The 2014 Ram 2500 Edmonton AB is extremely durable and has unbelievable towing and hauling capacities. The 2014 Ram 2500 features a five-link coil rear suspension system for better handling and an available rear air suspension system.

The vehicle is smart enough to compensate where it is needed depending on the weight of the hauling or towing load. There aren’t many other vehicles on the market that are as smart as this guy. The 2014 Ram 2500 is available with a 5.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine and is the best selling and most durable diesel pickup truck in Canada.

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