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How to Thursday: How to change the oil in a Dodge Dart

How to Thursday: How to change the oil in a Dodge Dart

How to change the oil in a Dodge Dart

For those of you who are more vehicle-inclined than others, it can be an easy process to change your own oil in your vehicle. We understand it’s not the most difficult procedure and can often times save you money should you choose to do it yourself (If you don’t want to do it yourself, though, we’ve got you covered).

The first step in learning how to change the oil in your vehicle is to know the make and model and sometimes model year.

For this case, we will be looking at how to change the oil in a Dodge Dart. The Dodge Dart is Dodge’s compact car that is full of fun features, easy to handle, gets great fuel economy and is extremely affordable. The Dart requires very little upkeep besides routine oil changes, which is one reason it is so appealing to so many different drivers.

The next step in learning how to change the oil in a Dodge Dart is to purchase the proper equipment: a ratchet, a new oil filter, the correct oil and some sort of device to lift the vehicle up, such as a jack stand.

After you have the proper tools, it’s time to actually change the oil.

First, you remove the two screws on the top of the engine cover. Under the cover, you should see the oil filter compartment. Use some type of oil-absorbing cloth to clean around the cover and remove it.

Then you will need to raise the Dart and crawl under to remove the screws on the piece marked “oil drain plug.” Be sure to have a drain pan under the drain plug so oil does not spill all over.

Once the oil is drained, put the oil drain plug back in place and close the oil drain plug cover. Then you can lower the car and replace the oil filter by removing the ring seal from the oil filter casing. Lightly lubricate the new oil filter ring seal and install the new seal and filter.

Put the oil filter casing back and fill the engine with new oil.

Do not start the engine until the oil warning message is cleared by turning the ignition to the run position but DO NOT START THE ENGINE and press the gas pedal three or four times then turn off the car.

After the warning message cleared, check the engine, the dipstick and make sure the oil is back at the correct level. Finally, put the engine cover back and you’re ready to go!