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It’s never too early to start planning your kids’ Halloween costumes

It’s never too early to start planning your kids’ Halloween costumes

Easy kids Halloween costume ideas

If you have young children, sometimes the hardest part about celebrating Halloween isn’t actually going trick or treating, it’s actually getting out the door. One way to combat that is by giving up trick or treating all together, but that’s no fun! Another way is to find easy kids Halloween costume ideas that will spare you time and frustration while trying to get out the door. Here are a few of our favorites:

Spaghetti and meatballs

For this easy costume, all you need is a tablecloth, a paper plate, some white string and some styrofoam balls. Just cut a hole in the tablecloth for your child’s head, then glue the paper plate on the front of the table cloth, glue some white yarn together to make it look like noodles, and glue brown painted styrofoam balls to the string and the tablecloth. Boom, spaghetti and meatballs! You can even use a pot turned upside down as a hat, if you’re looking for that little extra something.

Snowball fight

We all know it’s going to be snowy soon enough, and this costume also provides extra warmth! Just get a light blue sweatshirt, light blue leggings or jeans, some string, white felt and styrofoam balls or cotton balls. The youngster will wear the sweatshirt and pants, and all you have to do is glue or sew the cotton balls and styrofoam balls on their outfit. You can even have some hanging off the outfit by using the string.


This is another easy, fun costume for any age, but it’s great for youngsters. You will need a hula hoop, black tulle, two adult-sized large black tshirts and a few twigs. To make the tornado, glue the hula hoop inside one of the large adult t shirts. If the hoop is too big, cut it and secure ends with glue or tape.

Then cut the second tshirt straight across just below the armpits. Glue the piece you cut off (not with the arm holes) to the bottom of the first shirt. Wrap black tulle all around the shirt, stapling or gluing as you go until you’ve created a funnel. Add in twigs if you’d like!


This is for those costume parties that pop up last minute. Just get a red large sweatshirt and red, green or black pants and some green felt. Cut out small triangles from the green felt and glue to the top of the sweatshirt around the collar. If you’re feeling really gutsy, you can try and make it one piece by cutting out a sun-like shape with rays and then cutting a hole in the middle large enough for their head to fit through. Then place the green felt piece on top of the red shirt. Get some red gloves and a green hat to finish it off, and you’re good to go!


This one is a tried and true Halloween costume for a reason: there’s nothing cuter than a kid in a ghost costume. We trust you don’t need us for this one. Hint: start with a sheet or pillowcase.