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2016 Dodge Challenger model

Dodge is a vehicle brand that has pushed itself full force into the future. A brand that is willing to try out new things, whether it is new technological features, or interesting designs. Through this process, they discovered that they had the ability to bring back beloved vehicles of the past in a way that both kept their histories sacred, as well as made sure that it was a valuable addition to their modern roster of vehicles. In doing so, Dodge has rejuvenated life into vehicles that have not quite been forgotten, but vehicles you never thought you would see again. Vehicles like the athletic 2016 Dodge Dart, or Dodge Charger. One of those vehicles that have been rebirthed has already made an incredible mark on the car industry. That vehicle is the revamped Dodge Challenger.

The 2016 Dodge Challenger is an American muscle throwback brought into the modern age. Designed with both the past and future in mind, the Challenger is an impressive machine. A vehicle at the forefront of the modern muscle car revolution, it’s one of the most powerful vehicles on the road. It’s a special vehicle from inside and out.


First up, let’s take a closer look at the interior of the 2016 Dodge Challenger. At a glance, the outer shell of the Challenger is very reminiscent of the Challenger of years past, while the inner cloister is inspired by the American muscle design, but injected with a much needed does of modern technology. It’s a sleek and stylish build to keep you comfortable even while withstanding the Challenger’s mind-melting acceleration. The Challenger is also surprisingly roomy for passengers as well. The muscle car isn’t something typically designed to be a passenger vehicle, but the 2016 Challenger has ample room whether you’re seated in the front or back of the vehicle.

The physical design of the Dodge Challenger is a throwback to a simpler time, with a modern edge. It’s a mix of technology and pure American muscle with a heavy dose of excitement throughout.

While the Challenger isn’t normally thought of as one of the most technologically advanced vehicles, that doesn’t mean it has to be simple. The interior of the 2016 Challenger comes equipped with all the all new, innovative technology Dodge has to offer. The Challenger offers a central display, an 8.4-inch touchscreen equipped with USB and auxiliary ports with Bluetooth compatibility, as well as Sirius XM satellite radio, because when you have the ride of your dreams, you need the perfect soundtrack to go with it. The 2016 Challenger is a vehicle that, from the second you settle down into that front seat, you know you’re in for a drive unlike any other.

2016 Dodge Challenger interior view


Curb Weight


Starting At


305 3885 lbs 268 LB-FT @ 5000rpm $31,795 5


The exterior of the 2016 Dodge Challenger is heavily inspired by the designs of the 1970’s and 80’s. Even at a glance, it’s a car that looks both strong and fast simultaneously. It’s clearly a car you can be proud of.

Taking a closer look, it’s not a shocker that the 2016 Challenger has the same long-nosed front hood, the definitive Challenger look from years past. Its back end is short and all business, and it sits atop a set of mean 20-inch rims. It’s an intimidating look, but one that you can’t help but to love.


Dodge Challenger Trim Comparisons


Dodge Challenger Uconnect


A complete multimedia control center. Uconnect combines your smart phone with the components of your vehicle to both keep you connected and provide one of the most customizable drives available anywhere.

Dodge Challenger Digital Gauges

Digital Gauges

A 7-inch customizable Driver Information Digital Cluster Display presents information through brilliantly displayed graphics, delivered in real time.

Dodge Challenger Keyless Entry

Keyless Enter ‘N Go

A key fob you never have to take out of your pocket that lets you enter your vehicle and turn on the ignition without ever taking the key out from your pocket.


When Dodge initially brought up the idea of bringing the Challenger back into the fold, it was something that was scoffed at. As a society, it was thought that we had moved past the muscle car. But in life, we often find ourselves not knowing what we want until we actually get it. Which is why the 2016 Challenger, with its unmatched power, unique styling, and Dodge branded technology is one of the most impressive vehicles on the road. The Challenger is not just a vehicle derived from the past, but a vehicle that will sculpt the future. Don’t believe me? Book a test drive today!