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Confession – Bad Driving Habits

Confession – Bad Driving Habits

We’ve all do things while in the car or while driving that we’re not supposed to do. I’m as guilty as the rest of you (perhaps maybe even guiltier). I admittedly have some pretty bad driving habit sometimes, some of which I’m not proud of, like texting and driving, which is something I do often despite knowing how stupid and dangerous it is. I’m not the type you’ll see on the Henday who will pass you, nose glued to the phone, both knees pressed up against the wheel, handing it with the loosest possible control. No, I haven’t gotten that deep, not yet. But I am for sure guilty of the stop like check a text, or traffic jam Facebook browse. It’s all part of a terrible addition to social media (I’m working on it!).

I’m also guilty of genuinely enjoying eating and drink (not alcohol, you nut!) while driving, especially on long drives. There’s something about it that just feels, nice to me. There are few things more enjoyable (in a driving sense) than having some greasy fast food burger, a podcast or audio book coming through the speakers, (Not a fan of blaring music while I’m eating),  while you’re in transit. I can’t exactly explain why, but I love it.  I’ve done that long drive from Edmonton to Vancouver, a few times all by my lonesome, and I much prefer eating on the go rather than stopping. Bad, habit, I get it, but it’s really something I look forward to about long drives.

The first step in curing a habit is admitting you have a problem.

What bad driving or car habits will you own up to?

Driving with headphones?

Not signaling?

No seat belt?

Letting your Dog or Iguana drive for you?

Excessive speeding?


Using your car as a boat?

Comment below with your bad driving habits.