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Top things to do on Father’s Day

Top things to do on father’s day

June has arrived which means it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday. And by everyone, I mean a small amount of people who actually benefit from this holiday. I’m talking, of course, about father’s day! It’s time to appreciate all the times dad has bailed you out of a jam, or changed your oil, or help you fix the shelf that you broke. So whether you’re celebrating your husband, your dad, your grandpa, or any other fatherly figure in your life, here are things to do this weekend.

The top things to do this Father’s Day.

  • Eat some food –

Whether it’s taking him out to dinner at his favorite steak house (sorry vegans), or if you’re having him over, and trying your hardest at cooking him something delicious (most likely failing), Dad’s pretty much always appreciate a good meal. My suggestion, some version of a picnic or Barbecue type situation. All the terrible family drama will melt away once everyone has consumed a few hot dogs and burgers. It’s what they were created for, silencing family drama. I know that’s my plan this weekend.

  • The great doors –

Take him somewhere away from the bright lights and the buzzing busyness of the big city. Take him for the weekend. We can all agree that we probably don’t spend enough time with are Dads. So take him away from the weekend, spend some quality time and roast a few hot dogs over a nice fire.

  • Do Dad things –

Take him somewhere within the city where he can do stuff he likes. Now whatever that is, whether it’s sitting in his favorite chair, watching the game, or going quading out somewhere in the middle of nowhere, no matter how you feel about his favorite activity, just suck it up and do it. If you’ve got no idea what your dad really likes (not judging), here are a few examples of things you can do nearby that are a good ole dad time. And if you’re really feeling generous, take your dad over to the Father’s Day sale at Edmonton BMW to check out all our new and pre-owned “In-stock” inventory.

  • Axehole – go toss some axes at things. It’s a great stress reliever.
  • Shooting Range – Same thing, only this time with a bit of cold steel between your fingers. It’s an adrenaline inducing way to spend the afternoon, but boy is it fun.
  • Fishing – Take him onto the lake, spend all day there, bond, chat, drink, you know, what people do when they fish. Also, maybe you’ll catch a big one?
  • Sangundo speedway – There’s a drag race just west of the city, which if you’ve got the need for speed (in a watching capacity), this is the place to take your Pa’.
  • Ring ring –

Finally, I just want to remind all the kids out there to call your dad. No matter where they live, even if it’s just next door, call them, they’ll appreciate it, and it won’t take very long. Just do it!