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Best Summer Road Trip Songs

Best summer jams to drive to.

A summer road trip is nothing without the perfect soundtrack. Here’s are must have playlist for your upcoming summer road trips.

Schools out – Alice Cooper

Whether it be a student blowing off steam after a long year of school,  someone looking back at their years as a student with nostalgia filled eyes, or even just people that are fans of this Alice cooper classic rock jam this song is the perfect start to any summertime road trip.

Summertime – The fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

This earl-nineties Hip-Hop joint was the jump start of the Fresh Prince’s career. Who would of thought that this cool, mellow track would lead to such cinematic masterpieces as I, Robot (I’m not even kidding. Great movie). It’s the perfect track to play with the windows down. Sing along, don’t be shy, you know the words!

Wipe Out – Sufaris

Is there a song that encapsulates summer in a more perfect way? Even if I hear this classic in the dead of winter, it warms my heart and soul (but not my hands, which are freezing). It’s just pure summer. It makes you want to head out to the beach and just play this song on repeat the entire time. I promise if you do that, you will be beloved by all and no one will find it annoying at all.

Summer nights – Grease

Okay, hear me out. While this song isn’t going to increase your street cred (depending what street you’re on, I guess), but is there a better duet? Whether you’re taking a road trip with your significant other, your best friend, or even co-workers, there are few songs that will bring you together than belting this out shamelessly. Trust me on this, it’s a blast!

Anything by the Beach boys

Really, is there a more perfect group for summer road trip driving? I didn’t choose a specific song, because really? How can you choose. The Beach Boys are a band that practically shaped the soundtrack of summer music for years later, even today you can see their influence. I’ll leave you with one example, but really you can do no wrong with them.

Honorable mentions: Katy Perry – California Girls

I mean, how can you not?