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Top 5 places to play Pokemon Go in Edmonton

It’s spreading like a sickness. People everywhere are walking around aimlessly, flooding the streets at all hours, and wandering in packs, rushing towards something with a feverish hunger in their eyes. It’s like we’re living in a full-on Romero zombie movie, but with a tad less biting and brain eating. (Though how much less, we can never really be sure).

Of course, I’m talking about Pokemon Go and not some terrifying Walking Dead like zombie apocalypse. Although, I feel like if the characters in The Walking Dead had Pokemon Go, there would be fewer deaths and far less tragedy (though I suspect the level of cannibalism to stay the same).

Today, instead of joining the flurry of haters who criticize those of us who use this deliciously addictive app, I’m going to not be a bitter old meany and try and help those trying to catch ‘em all.

With that, here are the top 5 places to play Pokemon Go in Edmonton

  • #5 West Edmonton Mall


Described as a general gold mine for low level Pokemon, the once biggest mall in the world is perfect for a little Poke Farming. If you can get passed the horrible GPS signal and data usage, the Mall is actually a pretty decent place. Plus if you find yourself without the ability to catch Pokemon, there’s always a ride on the Mind Bender to keep you occupied.  Another plus side, West Edmonton Mall has plenty of parking to fit your brand new 2016 Jeep Cherokee.

  • #4 Whyte/Jasper Ave


I’ve lumped these two together, mostly because they are very similar in Poke Quality, but also because I only have room for 5 places and combining these made the most sense. While these avenues are traditionally great for a cruise in your 2016 Dodge Ram Rebel, it’s an equally great place to park and walk, if catching Pokemon is something you’d want to do. Additional positive being that both these places have a variety of great places to eat or catch a drink.

  • #3 Griesbach


It’s a name you’ve probably heard more than once over the past few weeks, and it’s one you probably have never heard of in the weeks prior to that, unless you live there in which case I apologize for belittling your great little community, it was no my intention. Since the arrival of Pokemon Go, Griesbach, which sounds precisely like the place you’d find Pokemon, has been a hub where wannabe Poke Masters have flocked, gathering around a collection of lures and poke stops. This Castledowns neighborhood has attracted nearly 1000 people to its location, which has left some neighbors ecstatic while others are a little angrier. Haters gonna hate, right?

  • #2  U of A


Is it really a surprise that a place that constantly has thousands of people on their phones has been a hot spot for Pokemon activity? The U of A campus has always been a place where students flock, glued to their phone screens, moving in herds, only now the purpose isn’t getting to class, it’s catching a Drowzee. There’s a Pokestop or Lure available at every turn.

  • #1  The Ledge


Our provincial capital building has always been a great place for a walk or to dip your feet in a pool on a hot summer’s day, only now you can do so at the most Poke Populated area in the city. It’s not just a great place to catch wild Pokemon, it’s a place to catch the rarest of Pokemon. The Legislature’s beautifully crafted grounds are designed to be used for leisurely walks, which makes your Poke Experience even more enjoyable. Since the birth of Pokemon go, it’s been packed with people playing the game. It’s got a great atmosphere. It’s THE place to be in the City when it comes to Pokemon.