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Winterize with Great West Chrysler

Winterize with Great West Chrysler


At Great West Chrysler we get Alberta winters. We get how, despite what the calendar says, the snowy season starts on Halloween and stretches on until Victoria Day. We get how the temperature can psychotically swing from plus eight to minus 40, overnight. We get what that does to driving conditions, and we get the kind of strain that puts on your vehicle, as well. We can help, though. The first step to conquering the winter driving season is to winterize your Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler with the experts that know your car best. Read on to learn more about what’s available and how simple it is to ready your car for the roads for whatever the season hurls your way.

Winter tires

From the ground up: Tires

One of the most important steps you can take towards fully winterizing your vehicle is making sure you’re driving on the right tires for the terrain. Having tires that are an appropriate size and equipped with adequate tread will help you stay glued to the road this winter, while others might find themselves in search of traction or in the ditch, in search of a tow. At Great West Chrysler, we make the search for winter tires painless. Using our online Tire Finder is simple and convenient; shop by make, model, product type and year in order to find tires that’ll spirit you and your vehicle across Alberta’s formidable winterscape capably and confidently. You’re also able to conduct your search according to tire size, and the Finder will generate a quote as you gain an idea of what you need, exactly. Transparency and efficiency are the names of the game when it comes to finding the right tires at Great West.

We’ve got your tire maintenance covered as well. Important all year-round, taking proper care of your tires ensures their integrity and optimizes their lifespan. Visit the service department at Great West Chrysler or book a service appointment online and let our professional repair and maintenance team take care of your tire changes, rotations and repairs.

Winterize your vehicle

Winterize with ACcessories for an active lifestyle

You can’t stay shut in all season, so you might as well take winter by the horns, get out there, and enjoy yourself! There’s a wide range of attractive and functional accessories that can help ensure that your vehicle is winterized for whatever activity you’ve got on your calendar. Hauling a snowmobile, for instance, has never been safer or simpler with Mopar’s lightweight aluminum cargo ramp that features a rubberized non-slip tailgate protector that’ll fold, jackknife style, for easy storage. Outfitting your Jeep for action means taking readiness for winter-fun to the next level with an available aerodynamic roof-rack cross rails or roof-mount ski and snowboard carrier that’ll ensure a solid trip for you and your gear both up to the hill and back.

not a winter warrior?

So you’re not one of those rosy-cheeked, fun-seeking winter warriors who’re on the wild road to out to nowhere the second flakes start to fall. You’re more one of those people who just wants to survive winter. This is also a reasonable outlook to have, and we’re able to adequately winterize your vehicle to these specifications, as well. Remote starters will ensure that you climb into a warm, running vehicle and not a frozen brick of metal and leather this winter, while Jeep’s available our Add-a-Trunk First-Aid and Roadside Safety kits keep you prepared for any emergency while offering efficient, practical equipment storage.

Winterize away winter worries

When you trust the Chrysler Jeep Dodge experts at Great West to winterize your vehicle, you’re making sure that your car is professionally tuned and equipped to stare down the snow and bound through blizzards. We’ve got attractive service and parts offers designed to help you outfit your vehicle for winter in a way that’s affordable and straightforward. Winterize in a way that fits your winter lifestyle and cruise through the snowy season undaunted!

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