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Servicing Your Chrysler is More Affordable Than You Think!

Unlike most premium brands, your Chrysler won’t cost you extra when it comes to servicing. That’s because Chrysler vehicles were intelligently designed with cost-effective materials to ensure easier servicing and all the enjoyment of owning a prestigious vehicle. It’s premium quality without the associated cost.

That’s why the experts at Great West Chrysler are the best choice to trust your pride-and-joy with — because no-one knows them better than we do! No other dealership can maintain your 300C or Pacifica to the same exacting standard that your vehicle was originally built with. We also have a huge stock of parts and accessories to ensure that your Chrysler is maintained with nothing but original OEM-manufactured parts.

Our dealership can also service your Chrysler faster and more efficiently than anyone else. That means both less downtime in the shop as well as less cost to you. Our factory-trained technicians know your Chrysler like the back of their hand, so they’re more than capable of completing the most difficult tasks in a flash.

If your Chrysler is in need of some TLC, Book an Appointment with us to ensure that your vehicle receives the quality of work it deserves – and at a price that won’t break the bank!

Exclusive Service Specials

Because we always want to make servicing your Chrysler as affordable as possible, we offer Service & Parts Specials on common maintenance items. These specials are constantly updating, so make sure you’re checking our website regularly!

Maintenance Schedule

Every vehicle, no matter how well-made, need regular servicing to ensure that it remains in top condition. If you’re unsure on what maintenance is due for your Chrysler, visit our Maintenance Schedule to see what repairs or servicing needs are coming up.