2021 Dodge Durango Safety Features in Edmonton, Alberta

2021 Dodge Durango Safety Features in Edmonton, Alberta

2021 Dodge Durango Safety Features in Edmonton, Alberta

Dodge prides itself on being a manufacturer that not only produces but invests heavenly in building the safest vehicles on the road. There are no limits when it comes to safety, and Dodge wants to build a future with the concept of safe coexistence by aiming at a collision-free-mobile society. Here, drivers and passengers, and everyone sharing the road, can enjoy the freedom of mobility with the utmost safety and confidence. Dodge has created the most advanced suites of collision avoidance and driver-assistive technologies. The 2021 Dodge Durango is designed with safety in mind, and for that reason, it receives over 60 standard and available safety features, all engineered to keep you and your passengers safe.

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2021 Dodge Durango Safety Features Overview

Safety inside the Durango is second to none, offering the latest and most innovative features to bring complete peace of mind behind the wheel. With this Dodge SUV, you will find over 60 standard and available safety and security features to protect you and your occupants. It features seven trim levels, and as you go up the trim lineup, you will find even more advanced assistance features to promote safety. Some of the most notable safety features that you can expect from the Durango include the following:

Park-Sense Front & Rear Park Assist

This feature will help you avoid the guessing game of how close you are to another vehicle or object by warning you, either in the front or rear, when in a parking or slow-moving situation. This can potentially avoid costly collisions that may occur as a result of blindness or not being able to see clearly. When your vehicle is in Reverse, this available system can sense nearby objects moving at low speeds; if an imminent collision is detected, the system will provide a momentary, autonomous brake pulse. In certain circumstances, this system can help bring your vehicle to a stop.

With the available Park-Sense Front & Rear Park Assist system, you will have extended visibility of what's behind as you reverse and ahead as you pull into a tight parking space. This system utilizes various sensors around the exterior to alert you of any obstacles or objects in the path of travel. You will find that Park-Sense Rear Park Assist with active braking is standard on all Dodge Durango trims.

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist

This feature assists steering to keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane, reducing driver fatigue. The forward-facing camera mounted at the top of the windshield detects the lane that the vehicle is driving in (by detecting solid and or broken lane markings). If the system detects that the measurements are not within specifications and detects an unintentional lane drift, it will alert you and correct the vehicle gradually back into the lane. Suppose the system senses that a predetermined number of corrections are being made. In that case, it may prompt you to take a rest before safely continuing to drive your 2021 Dodge Durango to its final destination.

As you venture through town and make your way to the highway to get to your weekend getaway, you might experience some lane veering during your long drive, which will be a worry of the past with the available Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist. This system can detect when your Durango is veering out of the lane unintentionally, and it will alert you to get your attention to avoid mishaps on the road. In some cases, it will use the electric power steering system to correct the lane position, which only happens if the necessary action isn't taken in time.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop

Using the forward-facing radar, Adaptive cruise control automatically maintains your vehicle's speed like a regular cruise control system. Still, suppose there is traffic or a slower-moving vehicle in front of you. In that case, it will automatically adjust to the speed of traffic ahead, maintaining a set distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, braking, and accelerating as necessary. Under certain traffic conditions, the system can bring the vehicle to a complete stop without driver intervention. This will further promote safe driving while assisting the driver and vehicle to its destination.

Another available feature that's perfect for long road trips is the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop function, giving you further convenience as you take on adventures. This system will maintain the distance from the vehicle ahead, ensuring a safe following distance, and when required, it can account for the vehicle's speed and even apply the brakes to slow down. You shouldn't rely on the stop function for emergency stops as it is intended for use in normal driving conditions.

Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking

This system makes use of the forward-facing camera and radar sensors to warn a driver about obstacles ahead and, if necessary, takes action to avoid a collision or reduce vehicle speed at the time of impact. Warnings are made audibly and visually. Suppose the reaction to these warnings is insufficient. In that case, it will automatically apply the brakes and have the functionality to bring the vehicle to a complete stop even under extreme braking conditions.

The feature that will be helpful during emergencies is the available Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking, which monitors your Durango's surroundings to scan for potential danger and hazards. As you approach the vehicle ahead too fast, the system will alert you to slow down, and it can actively provide braking assistance to bring your vehicle to a stop to mitigate or avoid a collision.

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With the 2021 Dodge Durango, you will find lots of value in this SUV as it offers excellent performance and capabilities, as well as an extensive list of safety features to keep you confident as you drive. If you wish to test drive this amazing SUV and test out all its features on the road, don't hesitate to contact us to book a test drive appointment. Our friendly associates will gladly assist you in finding the perfect trim for your needs, and they will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

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