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Importance of Regular Oil Changes

There are many moving parts on your vehicle; some require lubrication, and others don't. The most important component of your vehicle requires regular maintenance and is its driving force. Your engine endures mini-explosions thousands of times a minute and requires lubrication constantly to keep it performing efficiently. Over time the oil used to protect engine components begins to break down due to excessive heat and use. To prolong the life of your engine, regular oil changes are required in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

Tire Rotation

Your tires play an essential role in keeping you in control of your vehicle as they are the only component that comes in contact with the road. They provide confidence through the many seasons we experience in Canada and need to be constantly monitored and maintained. One simple way to maintain your tires is frequent tire rotations. Many factors affect tire wear, like whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, tire balancing and wheel alignment. However your front tires are affected more because they carry more weight and are used for steering. By rotating your tires regularly, you help to even out the tread wear and increase the life of your tires.

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