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2023 Jeep Compass Interior Style in Edmonton

Venture inside the 2023 Jeep Compass, and you'll find a world designed with comfort and functionality at its core. This compact crossover isn't just about rugged exterior charm; it's also about providing an impressive interior experience across all available trims - Sport, North, Altitude, Trailhawk, Limited, RED, and Trailhawk Elite.

Space & Comfort

The Compass’s interior is thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort during short and long journeys. It comfortably accommodates four adult passengers, making it an ideal choice for a small family or a group of friends. The high back seat bottoms mean passengers' legs are fully supported, contributing to a comfortable ride, even over long distances.

Back Seat Accommodation

Although the back seat isn't the largest among crossovers in this diverse class, it has been engineered for maximum comfort and utility. The upright design of the rear seats perfectly supports the natural posture, reducing fatigue during long drives. This design feature also ensures optimal legroom, allowing your passengers to stretch out and enjoy the journey.

Cargo Capacity

Don't let the Compass's compact exterior fool you. Despite its boxy exterior and what initially appears to be competitive cargo volume, the Compass offers ample luggage space for airport runs and city commutes. However, packing might need to be strategic for those planning extensive trips. The one Compass we tested held 17 carry-on suitcases with the rear seats folded.


While it may not be the roomiest of its class, the Compass's interior is designed with versatility in mind. The rear seats fold down to accommodate additional cargo, and although they angle up when folded, this feature expands the overall cargo space. In addition, this versatile cargo area can adapt to your needs, making it easier to carry larger items when needed.

Interior Design & Trim Levels

Across all trim levels, the 2023 Jeep Compass delivers an interior that combines style, comfort, and practicality. From the base Sport model with its durable and stylish fabric seating to the premium Trailhawk Elite model with its refined leather-appointed interior, there's a Compass to suit every style and preference.

2023 Jeep Compass at Great West Chrysler

The 2023 Jeep Compass, available at Great West Chrysler in Edmonton, provides a comfortable and functional interior ready for your daily adventures and beyond. It may be compact, but it's designed with the real world in mind, making all the difference.

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