2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs 2023 Honda Pilot

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs 2023 Honda Pilot
2023 Honda Pilot

At Great West Chrysler, we're excited to present a head-to-head comparison between two exceptional SUVs that have piqued significant anticipation - the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the 2023 Honda Pilot. Both of these impressive machines are rolling out notable updates for this year, catering to a diverse array of drivers.
Whether you're an adventure enthusiast looking for robust off-road capabilities, or a family-oriented individual seeking a reliable, comfortable, and practical vehicle, these SUVs bring something unique to the table. Let's explore their distinctive features and benefits to help you determine the best fit for your driving needs.


Model Comparison

Feature 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2023 Honda Pilot 
Starting Price $55,045 - $91,490 $50,650 - $62,850
Engine (L)  3.6-litre V6 3.5-litre V6
Cylinder Configuration V6 V6
Horsepower 293 hp @ 6400 rpm 285 hp @ 6100 rpm
Torque 260 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm 262 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm
Fuel Economy (Combined) 10.9 L/100km 11.0 L/100km

Performance and Efficiency

The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee, with minor changes from the 2022 redesign, offers a range of engines, including a 3.6-litre V6, a 5.7-litre V8, and a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo in the 4xe PHEV. All models feature an eight-speed automatic transmission, and with Quadra-Trac and Quadra-Drive options, they boast advanced four-wheel drive capabilities.

The Honda Pilot, however, relies on an all-new 3.5-litre V6 engine, paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission. It also offers a new fourth-generation version of Honda’s i-VTM4 system for advanced AWD capabilities.

Exterior Features Comparison

Exterior Features Comparison

The Grand Cherokee stands out in the SUV crowd with its robust and muscular architecture. Its substantial build, coupled with a 17-inch alloy wheelbase, projects an aura of sleek sophistication without compromising on its imposing aura. The bold lines and robust stance of the Grand Cherokee indeed command attention on any road.

On the flip side, the 2023 Honda Pilot showcases a sleeker, more streamlined design. With a 20-inch alloy wheelbase, the Pilot exudes an understated elegance that harmoniously blends style with practicality. Honda's dedication to meticulous design and attention to detail is clearly visible in the refined exterior that the Pilot flaunts.

Interior Features Comparison

Interior Features Comparison

When it comes to in-cabin technology and comfort, both the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Honda Pilot have a lot to offer. The Grand Cherokee steps up its game with a Uconnect 5 infotainment system that comes standard on the Limited and Overland models. This system is beautifully displayed on a generous 10.1-inch digital touchscreen, bringing an element of modernity and convenience to the driver's fingertips.

In comparison, the Honda Pilot responds with a thoroughly refreshed interior styling. One of the major updates is the inclusion of a larger, more user-friendly infotainment screen, enhancing driver interaction and accessibility. A standout feature of the Pilot is the standard three-row seating, providing ample space for passengers and catering to larger families or groups.

Safety and Driver-Assisted Technology

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes packed with a variety of driving modes to cater to a range of environments, making it an ideal choice for those adventurous drivers who frequently tackle varying terrain types. This feature is a testament to Jeep's commitment to versatility and performance, regardless of the driving conditions.

On the flip side, the Honda Pilot, now proudly standing in its fourth generation, bolsters its safety credentials with enhanced driver-assist technologies. This includes a wide-angle front camera, providing a more comprehensive view of the road ahead, and an expanded radar range for its blind-spot monitoring system, enhancing its ability to detect vehicles in adjacent lanes.

Which SUV is Better?

For adrenaline enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, the Jeep Grand Cherokee stands tall. With the unique 4xe PHEV driveline available exclusively in the Trail Hawk model, it promises an adventure like no other. Equipped to conquer off-road terrains with ease, this SUV is an adventurer's dream ride, perfect for those who like their journeys as thrilling as their destinations.

Alternatively, if your search is centered around an SUV that prioritizes family needs and safety, the Honda Pilot emerges as a strong contender. Crafted with a focus on family comfort and safety, it offers cutting-edge safety enhancements along with flexible seating configurations. Whether it's school runs, road trips, or daily commutes, the Honda Pilot ensures your loved ones are cradled in safety and comfort at all times.

Undoubtedly, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Honda Pilot bring unique offerings to the table. Each is designed to cater to distinct lifestyle needs, ensuring that your driving experience is not just satisfying but also uniquely tailored to you. Whether it's the call of adventure or the need for a safe and comfortable family vehicle, rest assured, these SUVs deliver an unmatched driving experience crafted just for you.


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