2024 Jeep Compass Safety

2024 Jeep Compass Safety

2024 Jeep Compass Safety | Great West Chrysler

In an era where road safety is paramount, the 2024 Jeep Compass emerges as a paragon of protection and security. Great West Chrysler is proud to present a vehicle that not only embodies the spirit of adventure but also ensures the utmost safety of its passengers. The new Compass model boasts an impressive array of over 75 standard and available safety and security features, making every journey through the diverse landscapes of Canada a secure and confident experience.

Innovative Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Embarking on any trip, whether navigating Edmonton's bustling streets or Alberta's scenic roads, requires a vehicle equipped with cutting-edge safety technologies. The 2024 Jeep Compass offers just that, with features like Pedestrian Emergency Braking and Advanced Brake Assist, ensuring you and your loved ones are protected at every turn. The Drowsy Driver Alert system is a testament to Jeep's commitment to driver well-being, monitoring signs of fatigue and suggesting breaks when needed.

IIHS: 2024 Jeep Compass Safety Rating


Small overlap front              Good
Moderate overlap front: original test              Good
Side: original test              Good


Crash avoidance & mitigation

Headlights              Good
Front crash prevention: vehicle-to-pedestrian (day)              Advanced


Mastering the Art of Lane Management

The Active Lane Management System is a standout feature, acting as your vigilant co-pilot. This intelligent system ensures the Compass stays within lane boundaries, automatically correcting unintentional lane drifts. This not only enhances safety but also instills a sense of security, allowing drivers to enjoy the journey, knowing they're supported by advanced technology.

Safety Features

Exterior Safety Capabilities

Revolutionizing Parking with Advanced Assistance

Parking in tight urban spaces can often be a stress-inducing task, but with the Compass's Parallel and Perpendicular Park and Unpark Assist, it becomes a breeze. This system transforms parking into a hands-free operation, guiding the vehicle into spots with precision. Similarly, the Unpark Assist feature offers guidance when exiting parking spots, showcasing Jeep's innovative approach to everyday driving challenges.

Adaptive Cruise Control: Setting the Standard for Comfortable Travel

The Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go functionality redefines the driving experience, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and safety. By keeping a predetermined distance from the vehicle ahead and adjusting speed accordingly, this system exemplifies the Compass's ability to adapt to changing road conditions, ensuring a relaxed and safe journey.


The 2024 Jeep Compass - Your Partner in Safety

At Great West Chrysler, we understand the importance of safety in your driving adventures. The 2024 Jeep Compass, with its comprehensive suite of safety features, stands as a testament to Jeep's dedication to offering vehicles that are not just about getting you to your destination, but ensuring you arrive safely. Embrace the future of driving with confidence and peace of mind with the new Compass – a vehicle that's as protective as it is pioneering.

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