2024 Ram 1500 vs 2024 Ford Super Duty F-150

2024 Ram 1500 vs 2024 Ford Super Duty F-150

2024 Ram 1500 Feature 2024 Ford Super Duty F-150
$51,320 MSRP* N/A
5.7, 3.6  Engine litres (L) 2.7, 5.2
Regular Unleaded V-8 Gas/Electric V-8 Gas/Electric V-6 Cylinder configuration V-6, V-8
305 - 395  Horsepower (hp) N/A
269 - 410  Torque (lb-ft) N/A
N/A Fuel economy - city (L/100km) N/A
N/A Fuel economy - highway (L/100km) N/A
N/A Fuel economy - combined (L/100km) N/A
5,814  Exterior length (mm) N/A
2,085  Exterior body width (mm) N/A
5,814  Exterior body length (mm) N/A
3,569  Wheelbase (mm) N/A
N/A Front track (mm) N/A
N/A Rear track (mm) N/A
N/A Interior cargo volume (l) N/A
N/A Maximum interior cargo volume (l) N/A
1,039  Front legroom (mm) N/A
904  Rear legroom (mm) N/A
1,039  Front headroom (mm) N/A
996  Rear headroom (mm) N/A
N/A Front hiproom (mm) N/A
N/A Rear hiproom (mm) N/A
1,676  Front shoulder room (mm) N/A


In the battle of titans that is the 2024 Ram 1500 and the Ford Super Duty F-150, choosing a winner is akin to picking between two gold medalists. Each truck is a juggernaut in its own right, equipped to conquer different facets of the road and your lifestyle. Here, we pit these two goliaths head-to-head, highlighting who might find their perfect match in each.


Interior Layout and Options Comparison

The 2024 Ram 1500 is the zenith of interior luxury. It's basically a five-star hotel on wheels with head and ventilated leather bucket seats, a suede headliner, and a jewelled rotary shifter.


The Ford F-150, on the other hand, focuses on functional comfort. Max Recline front seats and an intuitive interior layout with big, glove-friendly knobs define the user experience.


Interior Layout And Options

Exterior Layout And Options

Exterior Layout and Options Comparison

Ram 1500 offers the Limited Elite Edition, complete with a multifunction tailgate and deployable bed steps. Add the RED initiative badge for a philanthropic touch.


The Ford F-150 comes with a dramatic update: a full-width grille design that wraps around the headlights, a nod to the F-series of yore. Plus, the Pro Access Tailgate takes tailgate functionality to a new plane.


Technology and Infotainment Features Comparison

While both trucks offer a 12-inch customizable digital cluster, Ram does a unique dance with its available UV-C glovebox light. Ford counters with its updated Blue Cruise hands-free driving assistance, designed to enhance highway navigation.

Safety Features Comparison

The Ram 1500 showcases a rear-seat reminder and an LED hitch light. Ford's F-150 features a comprehensive BlueCruise hands-free system, taking safety to a futuristic level.

Performance Comparison

Ram’s engines range from a 3.6-litre V6 to a beastly supercharged 6.2-litre V8 in the TRX. Ford starts off with a turbocharged 2.7-litre V6 and goes up to undisclosed levels with its updated Raptor R's supercharged 5.2-litre V8.

Target Audience

The 2024 Ram 1500 targets luxury enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, offering high-end amenities and rugged capabilities. On the other hand, the Ford Super Duty F-150 caters to functionalists and eco-conscious drivers, emphasizing utility and fuel-efficient options. Both trucks aim to provide a tailored lifestyle experience beyond mere transportation. Choose based on your priorities—be it luxury, functionality, or eco-friendliness.

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Both trucks are epic poems written in steel, torque, and horsepower. The Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 are not merely vehicles; they're experiences. Book a test drive or reserve yours today at Great West Chrysler to decide which experience elevates your story.

*All pricing is based on Alberta MSRP and does not include taxes and fees. Dealer pricing may differ. Prices are subject to change anytime without notice.

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