The process of purchasing a vehicle is often long and over-complicated, making the whole process both annoying and exhausting. There are many facets of financing to figure out - a lot of questions, a lot of options - and you don't want to make the wrong choice. The problem is, most dealerships don't properly explain the differences between financing or leasing your vehicle. Here at Great West Chrysler, we are your trusted source for new and used vehicles in Edmonton, Alberta, providing you with high-quality models to shop through and explore. We also make it easy to purchase your dream vehicle from our new inventory by presenting you with a wide array of financing and leasing options. Visit us today, explore our extensive vehicle selection, and secure the best payment option.

We want to make the car-buying process easier, which is why we've provided a detailed look at the positives and negatives of financing vs. leasing:
  • Complete ownership over the vehicle
  • You can customize or modify your vehicle as you see fit
  • You choose how long you can keep the vehicle
  • You can build equity (value) in the vehicle
  • Give you plenty of time of get to know your Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, or Jeep
  • Lower short-term cost

  • Don't have to commit to long-term ownership
  • Your leased vehicle remains under warranty
  • The pleasure of driving a new vehicle on a regular basis
  • Vehicle depreciation is no longer a concern
  • The ability to drive different vehicles in a shorter time
  • Lower long-term cost
In summary: leasing lets you experience various amazing vehicles from Great West Chrysler without getting tied down to one vehicle. Alternatively, with financing you get the freedom of modifying your vehicle however you like, while owning it for a longer period of time. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, it's just a matter of what works best for you! Please Contact Us should you have additional questions about financing, leasing, or the buying process!

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