How Does A Rotary Shifter Work

A rotary shifter is FCA's simple way to shift in your vehicle, without having to deal with a large traditional shifter. Most prominent in models like the Chrysler 300, Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Durango, this simplistic and easy-to-use dial makes shifting easier than ever. Just spin the dial and put your vehicle in the gear you wish, it's that simple. Get to know the rotary shifter, with your friends at Great West Chrysler in Edmonton!
Both luxurious and streamlined, the rotary shifter is a multi-faceted feature inside select FCA vehicles. Let's face it, console shifters are ugly and bulky, often getting in the way and clunking to each gear change. The rotary shifter flies in the face of all of that. Its basic design encapsulates just a tiny dial, which looks great when matched with luxurious interiors and it doesn't stand out, so you won't accidentally knock or bump into it. This space-saver ensures you get more console space, replacing it with a stylish dial that consolidates all of your shifting needs.

The rotary shifter is as safe to use as a stick shifter, but as always, extra attention needs to be made whenever you are shifting gears in your vehicle. While a rotary shifter and a traditional shifter may look like two different things, they both accomplish the same goal and require the same amount of care. Whenever changing gears, it's important to always double-check that you moved the dial to your required position, especially before exiting your vehicle.
If you have any more questions about rotary shifters, please don't hesitate to contact us at Great West Chrysler. Regarding any FCA vehicle you may be interested in, our entire sales, service and financing departments are ready and waiting to take care of you!