How to Reset Change Oil On Dodge Caravan

How to Reset Change Oil On Dodge Caravan

How to Reset Change Oil On Dodge Caravan
Great West Chrysler in Edmonton, Alberta, is not just a dealership but a partner in your automotive journey. With a focus on customer empowerment and vehicle longevity, we're here to guide you through every aspect of your Dodge Caravan's maintenance. Today, we focus on a simple yet vital task: resetting the change oil light, an essential part of your vehicle's upkeep.


Understanding the Importance of Oil Change Reset

The change oil light isn't just another dashboard indicator; it's a crucial signal for maintaining your engine's health. Ignoring this light can lead to reduced engine efficiency and potential long-term damage. Resetting this light after every oil change ensures that your vehicle's maintenance system is up-to-date, safeguarding your engine's performance and extending the life of your Caravan.


Step-by-Step Guide for 2013-2015 Models

Owners of the newer Dodge Caravans, specifically the 2013 to 2015 models, can follow these easy steps to reset their oil change light:


Start Without Engine On

Begin by pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button without your foot firmly on the brake pedal, switching the vehicle to ON/RUN mode while ensuring the engine remains off. This step is critical in preparing your vehicle for the reset process.


Pedal Action

Next, fully depress and release the accelerator pedal three times within a ten-second timeframe. This action is the core of the reset process, signalling the vehicle's system to initiate the reset.



To complete the process, turn the key to the OFF position and then back on. This action confirms that the reset was accepted and completed successfully, ensuring your vehicle's oil change system is accurately updated.


Steps for 2008-2012 Models

For Dodge Caravan models from 2008 to 2012, the reset process is straightforward and requires just a few simple steps:


Power On

Initially, turn the key to the ON/RUN position, making sure the engine remains off. This step is crucial for activating the vehicle's diagnostic systems without starting the engine.


Accelerator Pedal Steps

Proceed by fully depressing and releasing the accelerator pedal three times within a ten-second span. This consistent action is recognized by the vehicle's system as a command to reset the oil change indicator.


Reset Confirmation

Conclude the process by turning the key to the OFF position and then back on. This final step is vital as it verifies that the oil change light reset has been successfully acknowledged by the vehicle's system.


Great West Chrysler - For All Your Maintenance Needs

At Great West Chrysler, we understand the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, and resetting your oil change light is a key part of that. By following these simple steps, you ensure your Dodge Caravan remains in optimal condition, ready to tackle the roads with efficiency and reliability. Remember, while these procedures are straightforward, always refer to your vehicle's manual for specific instructions or contact our skilled team for personalized assistance.


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