What Is A Demo Vehicle?

Demo vehicles are new vehicles that were previously used for promotional purposes at our dealership. They were either used to take prospective buyers out for test drives, or carefully driven by select dealership staff for familiarization, personal transit, and optics.
After this brief period, our dealer returns these vehicles to the sales lineup, but at a reduced price. Think of it like a display model, only better-kept and practically good-as-new!

There are many reasons:
  • Demos are great deals at steep discounts for what is essentially a brand-new vehicle. Not only does this mean immediate cost reductions; for many savvy shoppers, this also presents an opportunity to own a vehicle people might otherwise not be able to afford.
  • Additionally, demos have been given special attention. Unlike many used vehicles in which the history could be unverifiable, demo vehicles have been fussily cared for and monitored by one of our Senior Salespeople. This is because we know that they will soon need to be sold.
  • Demos have never been privately registered. This means they still classify as "new" from a registry and insurance perspective, which means their owners get protection and coverage for the complete length of the warranty period.
  • To get our Sales staff accustomed to new features and to wow our customers, many demo vehicles come fully-loaded with additional safety and technology packages! It's your chance to get a higher-trim vehicle at a low price.
Our dealership has a great selection of demo vehicles in our inventory. Take a look and learn for yourself why the savviest drivers go for demo vehicles!